Fortnite mobile: How to Download Fortnite for iOS and Android

When Fortnite was released in the mobile version, then it gained momentum like never before. 

Both mobile platforms like the IOS and Android supports this game and players play this game in full force on both of these platforms.

Now if you are new this game and don’t know how to download this beauty then this article would act a saviour.

IOS user

If you are an IOS user then all you have to do is to go the apple application store and then search for the game known as fortnight.

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Once you have found the game then all you need is to click install and wait for the application to complete the installation process and appear on your home screen.

Android users

Well for the android users the steps are not simple as above. The game is not found the Google play store.

This is done because Google wants to build a direct relationship with its players. Thus Google provides a 30 % discount on all the fortnight purchases for the players

Now it has to be noted that there are fake advisement on android platforms where these third party applications promises you that they have the genuine game available for download.

Don’t fall for it , these are particularly scams which takes rounds on the android platform.  This article will list all the things you need to do to perform a genuine download on the official game

Check the availability of your phone

Now before struggling yourself out on downloading this game, it has to keep in mind that wheather your device is compatible enough to play this game.

While this game is designed to perform all the smartphones but there are some old phones that does not meet the requirement to play this game.  Epic games first confirmed that the beta version of the game will only run on selected number of devices like Samsung galaxy phone.

After some time this game was available on variety of devices. Lists of devices which support this game are listed as follows:

Take a look on your security settings

Most of the people over look this step. In reality checking the security settings is the most important part. Since this game is not available in Google play, you need install this game from other sources. In order to do this you need grant access to application which are downloaded other than play store. Just go to the drop down header bar in your android devices and then allow application from the unknown sources

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